Electro Giant Pty Ltd is a company devoted to providing quality electrical workmanship to commercial, domestic and industrial clients. Our mission is to ensure the safe wiring, installation and maintenance of all electrical components and air-conditioning whilst using only the highest of quality materials.

We pride ourselves on our reliability by making the commitment to undertake and complete projects within a timely fashion whilst ensuring the safety of our staff and clients alike. We will not intentionally put the health and/or safety of our employees, clients, employees of the client, family members of the client or any third party at risk.
We believe that safety is of upmost importance and a priority to us over speed and cost. Electro Giant is aware of the importance of confidentiality and prides itself on ensuring this is maintained at all times including but not limited to commercial information.
Together we believe that Electro Giant will enable our society to power safely into the future.

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